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Initial Build Out,Upgrade, or Remodel? FGC can help!

FGC understands the need for a facility partner in the site review period, the budget presentation period, as well as the follow through engineering and construction management of a complete data center build. In a world where facility infrastructure technology is ever-changing, having a partner that understands your facility is vital. At Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC) we understand the complexity of planning, managing and constructing a comprehensive and effective facility infrastructure. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service so that they can remain focused on their company’s goals while we focus on their data infrastructure.

FGC’s Data Center Building CycleBuilding Cycle

Plan PLAN | Expert Review & Recommendations
We provide customers with a comprehensive on-site review and evaluation. Then, based on the customer’s main design objective, we present concept drawings, technology reviews and risk evaluation. We utilize our expert knowledge to provide a detailed assessment and process recommendations.
Plan DESIGN | Individualized Services to Maximize Your Business Goals
Based on each customer’s individual needs and goals—established during the evaluation process—we prepare a procedure that involves budgeting and approval, high-quality designs and engineering. Just as they are in every stage, lines of communication are always open during this process to ensure the customer’s needs are addressed.
Plan CONSTRUCT | Putting it All Together
After working with our customer to create a concrete and efficient plan we use materials from the leaders in infrastructure products to begin implementation. This stage includes procurement, construction and project management. Our implementation team works to properly implement your infrastructure plan to ensure outstanding performance. Most importantly, this stage involves commissioning and testing the products to make certain all components meet our standards and exceed our customer’s expectations.
Plan MAINTAIN | Keeping Connected
Once we have implemented and tested a complete data infrastructure, the partnership formed with our customer remains strong. We work with our customer to determine their staffing needs as they implement their data infrastructure. We keep a watchful eye on each integral part of the infrastructure and remotely monitor all aspects 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our finger is always on the pulse of new industry trends, allowing us to assist customers—new and existing—in maintaining the integrity of their company’s data infrastructure.
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