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going green Carbon Management — We have the expertise to support integrated solutions that can help clients minimize the carbon implications footprint of companies' operations and supply chains. Our set of tools and services reflects our view that for maximum effectiveness, carbon management should be integrated with the day-to-day management of other business variables such as inventory, customer service and cost so you can experience the double benefit of reduced carbon and reduced cost or improved process performance.

Our equipment here at FGC use efficient output across the load range, with best in class part load efficiency up to 94.4%. We will give you the best performance while creating as little of a carbon footprint as possible.

Toshiba Ups Climate Commitment, Plans New Green-Product Logo

"March 7, 2008 - Toshiba plans to boost its emissions-reduction target and add new goals for water efficiency and green-product manufacture under the company's current environmental plan, originally slated to run through 2010. The plan has been extended through 2012, the year the Kyoto Protocol is set to expire."


U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) / LEED® Certification

This non-profit organization, comprises more than 7,200 organizations from every segment of the industry. They also developed the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) Program.

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TOSHIBA Worldwide Environmental Information Center

Get the latest environmental news and updates from TOSHIBA worldwide

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